“Sidesplitters: The Burt & Dick Story”

Adam Dubin, director, co-writer, co-producer
(23 minutes, 35mm, video, color, sound, 2000)

Starring Lewis Black and Jim Norton, Jim Gaffigan, Judy Gold, Eddie Brill and Jim David.

Lock up your daughters! Close the windows! Put the little ones to bed and get ready to laugh at this bawdy biography of Big Burt (Lewis Black) and Little Dick (Jim Norton), the filthiest comedy team in the history of show biz. From vaudeville to cartoon shows Sidesplitters: The Burt & Dick Story chronicles their rise from relative obscurity to greater obscurity before finally retiring into total obscurity.

“What Blows Up Must Come Down!”

Adam Dubin, director, writer, producer
(7 minutes, animation, color, sound, 2008)

Animated film featuring the voices of Jackie Mason as Mordechai Mouse, Lewis Black as Furry Murray, Greg Giraldo as Jihad Jo and Nick Kroll as Dr. Fledermaus.
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Synopsis: “What Blows Up Must Come Down!” An animated road map to pieces. Cat vs. Mouse has never been funnier! Or packed more C4! Hilarity ensues when Mordechai Mouse and Jihad Jo square off in a houseful of trouble in Jerusalem. So strap on your dynamite belts and get ready to explode with laughter. It’s a real punch up in the Promised Land!

“The Gynecologists”

Adam Dubin, director, co-writer, co-producer
(12 minutes, video, color, sound, 2003)

Starring Pete Correale, Greg Fitzsimmons, Lewis Black, Jim Norton, Judy Gold, Vanessa Hollingshead, Rich Vos.
Open wide and say ha…from the director & writer that brought you the classic Beastie Boys “Fight For Your Right To Party” music video comes…THE GYNECOLOGISTS. Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the stirrups, comes this insane comic farce. Comedian Bobby Baker (Pete Correale) and his manager Chick Larkin (Greg Fitzsimmons) are on the run from gangster Cookie LaMotte (Lewis Black) because Bobby did some “stand up” for Cookie’s daughter that was not in his act. And she’s only sixteen! The boys duck into a nearby medical clinic and before you can say “pass the forceps,” they’re mistaken for the new gynecologists. They had no idea what they were getting into!

“American Dummy”

Adam Dubin, director, co-writer, co-producer
(28 minutes, 35mm, video, color, sound, 2002)

Starring Otto & George, Jim Breuer, Lewis Black, Jim Norton, Pete Correale, Greg Giraldo and Nina Hartley

The inspiring story of a boy and his foul mouthed dummy, AMERICAN DUMMY is a dark comic look at an even darker business. Comedy! Jerry (OTTO) along with his dummy Dino, is a bottom of the barrel ventriloquist. But when he finds a new dummy, Fritz (GEORGE), his act takes on a life of it’s own! Suddenly, Jerry and Fritz are packing the club with a new, cutting edge act that is so filthy, that audiences can’t get enough of it. He even shocks the regular club comics, Eddie Barnum (JIM NORTON), Sal Salvino (PETE CORREALE) and the hugely popular headliner, Tony Metropolis (JIM BREUER), The King Of Canarsie. But who is really running the show, Jerry or Fritz? Jerry doesn’t know and neither does his Psychiatrist (GREG GIRALDO), or the club owner (LEWIS BLACK). He even seduces the club owner’s wife (NINA HARTLEY) in one of the wildest sex scenes ever! Or was it the dummy? You decide!